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Revenue growth is among the top factors that enhance growth in construction companies. A construction company that prioritizes sales growth can comfortably take up new technology, new opportunities and expand to new horizons. The revenue growth is a result of strategic planning and tactics like lead generation.

Lead generation is a collection of strategies that businesses employ to capture potential clients. A construction company that continuously generates leads creates an evergreen sales cycle and constant revenues.

Here’s how to find construction leads.

1. Create Content That’ll Generate Construction Leads

Content is the foundation of online marketing. Great content attracts massive traffic, which equates to more leads and sales. That said, a construction company should endeavor to create content that is leaning towards construction lead generation. You should also have a strategy that strives towards attracting the right audience and sufficient traffic.

Here’s how you can create content that generates leads:

  • Keyword Research: Keyword research is the foundation of great content and superior SEO value. It can help you discover what people are searching for, who is searching for these items, what platform most people are using for the search, and where they are potentially located. Subsequently, you can use the findings of these questions to create content that answers them. Some popular keyword research tools include Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, Growth Bar, and Keyword Tool.
  • Embrace the Customer Sales Journey: Several models explain the journey a prospect takes towards acquiring a product. In prospecting terms, it’s called a sales funnel. That said, a construction company can create content that corresponds with the customer’s stage of the buying journey. For instance, Top of the Funnel (ToFu) content includes e-books, infographics, or blogs. On the other hand, Middle of the Funnel (MoFu) content includes the use of videos or case studies to show the prospects that you have solutions to their problems, while Bottom of the Funnel content (BoFu) keywords are related to service/solutions pages and have a clear commercial intent.

Keywords are the foundation of great content and SEO. To that end, it’s crucial to partner with an expert like MiroMind to develop a winning content marketing strategy.

2. Work on SEO Qualities of Your Website

The role of construction SEO is to boost search rankings and consequently bring more traffic to your site. In addition, it can enhance lead generation efforts by raising awareness of your site by increasing organic traffic.

A construction company can improve its SEO(Search Engine Optimization) qualities to boost the chances of getting noticed and acquiring new leads.

Here are a few aspects that can help you obtain residential construction leads:

  • Local SEO: Businesses target specific localities to obtain a competitive edge or exploit an opportunity. Using local SEO, the company can target the right and qualified leads. Some of the areas you can work on include creating local content, adding location pages, and ensuring consistent contact information.
  • Website Audit: SEO should also involve website audit, which helps unearth issues affecting website efficiency. If the process discovers negative issues like broken links or duplicate content, an expert can work on it to boost lead generation for construction companies.
  • Speed: Site speed is a technical aspect of SEO that affects user experience and site ranking. Equally, slow loading pages lead to a high bounce rate which affects the lead generation efforts. A tool like the Google page speed test is the perfect tool to evaluate the performance of your web pages. You’ll also get suggestions on ways to deal with the issues.

3. Create Several Construction Lead Magnets

Getting noticed online is a challenging process which is why brands opt to build lists using lead magnets. A lead magnet is a unique tactic for how to get construction leads such as email addresses and contact information.

An ideal lead magnet should offer great value, instant gratification and demonstrate a unique selling point. A value-packed lead magnet has a greater propensity to satisfy the intent of customers. As a result, you’ll achieve the mission of building an email list with ease.

Here are some leads magnets to get construction leads online:

  • Free Consultation: Before a client commits to your products, they like getting a feel of your expertise. You can therefore package a free consultation offer to diagnose their construction needs. The free consultation must offer valuable advice which will convince them to leave their contacts, subscribe to your newsletter, and warm up to the buying process.
  • Case Studies: Case studies are a collection of information regarding clients who’ve tried your products or services in the past. The intention is to convert undecided clients into buyers. People connect to stories of success better than articles. Construction companies can therefore leverage case studies to collect vital contacts.

4. Utilize Social Media for Construction Lead Generation

If you’re looking for a quick solution to your lead generation problem, social media is the platform to try. According to Statista, internet users spend an average of 145 minutes daily on social media.

As a construction company, you can take advantage of the traffic by listing on several social media platforms. It’s also important to base your choice on the target audience — for instance, LinkedIn is ideal for top-level executives and decision-makers.

Here’s how you can optimize social media to get construction leads:

  • Drive Social Media Traffic from Webinars: A construction company can host a webinar to discuss trending topics like new building technology. The role of webinars is to offer value to clients and grow their interest in your service. Even so, the success of the event relies on your ability to attract multiple users. You can leverage social media traffic to improve awareness of the event. Some of the platforms that can help you gain traction include Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Twitter, for example, lets you ride on a popular hashtag to promote your event.
  • Incorporate Chatbots: Chatbots are gaining popularity as an essential tool for engaging website visitors. They are equally applicable on social media sites using instant messaging options. In addition, technology has powered brands to direct users to product and resource pages. The application of bots helps to anticipate customers’ moves, which is a top tactic of lead generation and nurturing.

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A website with suitable SEO qualities has the potential to generate unlimited leads. Improved SEO comes with higher search rankings and a superior ability to attract organic traffic. Working on SEO is also the best way to get construction leads. As such, it’s crucial to prioritize enhancing the SEO qualities of your website.


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