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Search engine optimization (SEO) has undergone remarkable changes over the years and has provided a platform worthy of note for healthcare providers to get their services to the people who need them. Consequently, any modern hospital or other healthcare institution has to have a clearly laid out SEO strategy for a chance to stay relevant and competitive in this cutthroat industry. Being the best doctor is no longer enough; getting that information to potential customers has become a central part of doing business in the healthcare industry.

For healthcare providers who have already embraced SEO for medical practices, the good news is that it remains an unrivaled means of promotion. Compared to other digital marketing tactics, medical SEO generates the highest healthcare leads by far. According to a report published by Medical Practice Insider, Google says that 77% of potential customers in healthcare practices search for physicians on the web before making an appointment. By embracing medical practice SEO, a health care institution can ensure that whenever someone enters a relevant keyword on Google or other search engines, its website appears in the first page of the search results.

Miromind medical SEO interventions 

At Miromind, we specialize in identifying unique areas in healthcare SEO that can help you capture the attention of your core demographic. Our SEO process is designed to produce excellent results by taking advantage of long tail healthcare industry keywords and working our way to the most relevant keywords for your practice. We have invested heavily in getting SEO specialists that have a ton of experience working with healthcare organizations and medical professionals. You can rely on us to deliver on our promise.

From discovery and research to implementation and subsequent analysis, we understand you don‘t just want people to visit your healthcare website, you want conversions. At Miromind, we have designed our process to produce conversions that increase the number of procedures done in your practice, patients, sales and donations.

SEO techniques employed by Miromind 

Here are some of the techniques that healthcare SEO services agency Miromind uses to increase the number of leads that a healthcare provider is getting for their website:

  •  Strategic and targeted healthcare content marketing: This often includes blog posts, videos and newsletters
  •  Expertly worded meta titles and descriptions for search engine bots as well as potential customers
  •  Creation of social signals using social media marketing strategies
  •  Acquiring high value backlinks from authority healthcare websites

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Opportunities that Miromind medical SEO avails to healthcare providers 

By embracing medical website SEO by Miromind, healthcare providers can enjoy business opportunities that would have remained inaccessible if they had remained indifferent on the subject. Take a look at the following Miromind case study. It clearly demonstrates the benefits and opportunities that our medical lead generation avails to health care providers. These include:

Increased visibility

Your practice may be the best in your locality, but if the patients who need to know that are in the dark, both your practice and the patient lose. If your medical practice has a website, but only you, your employees and a handful of other people know about it, internet users interested in the services you offer will navigate the web and not find you. This is true for all websites that are yet to be optimized for search engines so that they can rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). A well laid out search engine optimization plan from Miromind will increase the visibility of your website and drive more traffic.

Brand and reputation building

By embracing Miromind medical SEO services, you can take better control of your brand messaging and somewhat control the narrative that potential customers hear. Miromind has reputation management and brand building services that you can tap into. By working on these two, you essentially place your brand on an upward trajectory, ready to take on even your fiercest competitors.

Lower patient acquisition costs

After all is said and done, the whole idea behind marketing is getting customers at a sustainable cost of acquisition. Over the years, Miromind has helped many healthcare institutions with their medical website SEO needs. We are committed to using a fraction of the budget you would need to effectively implement a marketing plan using the traditional methods of marketing healthcare products and services. Ultimately, the cost of acquiring a single patient using our medical SEO services is notably lower than other methods.

Faster healthcare services delivery for patients

An SEO medical investment in Miromind makes it possible for your healthcare practice website to appear prominently on SERPs. In turn, this reduces the amount of time it takes your patients to get to you and receive the services they need. Instead of going in circles looking for your website or mapping your locality as they look for your practice, your patients can converse with your staff and get the help they need. This faster connection of physicians and patients has a positive ripple effect on the fortunes of your practice.

Miromind – Trusted by medical institutions 

For years, Miromind has been the premier SEO agency for medical SEO services. Our team of SEO professionals has implemented countless SEO campaigns, including PPC campaigns, helping healthcare practices stand out on search engines. We are the trusted option for medical lead generation.
Contact us today and get a free audit of your website for SEO and more. We will show you the fault lines so that you can understand what needs to be done to get more health care leads and conversions. Fill our contact form today and get started, or call us right now and let us help you take your medical practice to the next level.