SEO Services For Casino & Betting

All online casinos that wish to enhance their organic traffic from search engines should choose iGaming SEO services.

Nowadays, most gambling is done online, giving players the ability to enjoy their favorite pastime from the comfort of their homes. Most countries have strict laws for the iGaming sector, regulating how online casinos, sports betting, and online bingo companies provide their services.

Given that the success of iGaming websites is closely connected to digital marketing, brands are investing a lot of money in things such as SEO. According to marketing experts, search engine optimization is the best way to gain leads but also build brand awareness.

Issues when promoting iGaming sites

Let’s be honest; online gambling doesn’t have the best reputation. Many people are against this activity, which often poses an obstacle when trying to promote these brands. What’s worse, it’s a very lucrative field, with numerous sites vying for a relatively limited market.

Because of all of that, promotional activities are often very expensive. Whether we’re talking about pay-per-click, search engine optimization, social media, or influencer marketing, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get results. What’s worse, you never know what you’re getting from certain providers.

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Benefits of iGaming SEO

Having all of this in mind, it’s imperative that you find the right approach for your brand. According to numerous digital marketing experts, going for SEO is the best way to go about things. Here are a few reasons why this type of promotion is optimal for iGaming websites:

  • Highly-converting traffic

    The organic traffic you get from search engine results pages is the highest converting type of web traffic. Users trust these platforms more than social media and paid ads and are more likely to buy from sites ranking at the top of Google.

  • Long-term results

    While expensive at first, search engine optimization is the best long-term promotional method. Unlike some other strategies where you lose all the progress once you stop paying, SEO provides benefits in perpetuity. Furthermore, sites that are well-optimized from the get-go are harder to take down.

  • Improved authority and reputation

    Many iGaming industry providers complain about their conversion. Even if you’re getting lots of traffic, that doesn’t mean you’ll convert at a high rate. This is why gambling websites need to have an excellent reputation among the players.

  • Increased security

    Aside from poor reputation, many sites also struggle with security. Given that a player has to deposit their money on the platform, they’re always on the lookout for potential red flags. So, during audits and other processes, an expert iGaming SEO agency takes care of all errors on the site ensuring everything runs smoothly.

  • Highly profitable

    The main issue with optimization is that you need to wait for a while until the results kick in. This is a problem for many sites, especially the ones that rely on steady cash flow to survive in the market. However, once SEO kicks in, the money spent per click is much lower than that of other promotional methods.

Should I try other promotional methods?

In a perfect world, you would try to combine several promotional methods. Getting instant traffic from pay-per-click is a solid strategy as you wait for your SEO results to kick in. You might also use social media and influencer marketing to supplement the two.

Unfortunately, as most companies have limited budgets, you’ll likely have to opt for just one type of promotion. All of that said, it’s much better to invest heavily in search engine optimization than to dilute your investment. Not having a clear marketing strategy will only lead to a situation where you’ll get limited exposure without ever building a brand.

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4 Most popular iGaming SEO services 

Here are the 4 most popular optimization services for online casino sites:

Link building

SEO for iGaming businesses also hinges on effective content marketing. Simply writing a few pieces won’t get you anywhere, as each page requires several links to boost its authority.

Link building is where you separate the wheat from the chaff. Experienced marketing companies often have a list of influencers they’ve previously worked with and that are willing to help them out. These agencies have connections within the casino industry that makes content promotion that much easier.

SEO audit

Before doing anything else on your site, it’s very important to perform a full-scale audit. An experienced provider can analyze different aspects of your site and look for potential errors. Starting with a clean site will make it easier to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO later on.

During the audit, SEO agencies aren’t only looking to improve optimization. They’re looking to improve the overall user experience. So, even if you start driving traffic from social media and other sources, you can rest assured these visitors will convert at a high clip.

Content creation

Having powerful, persuasive content is crucial for converting visitors into paying clients. In fact, many people have a natural barrier from giving money to unknown sites. This is why you need to ooze confidence and authority, which would tell users that it’s safe betting via your platform.

Among others, it’s very important to have optimized pages. Search engines such as Google check the relevancy of every page based on keywords that are used within. That being said, small errors can cost you a placement within search engine results pages, preventing you from getting that juicy organic traffic.

Keyword research

Keyword research is vital for any bespoke SEO strategy. It’s especially important for the online casino niche, where website visitors are usually reluctant to try new iGaming sites.

Whatever the case might be, doing good keyword research will open the doors to successful optimization. Otherwise, you could make the mistake of focusing too much on phrases that don’t help your business goals.

What to look for in an iGaming SEO company? 

Your ability to reach the top of search engine rankings depends on the provider you hire. Given all the challenges of the iGaming industry, some companies are simply not equipped to tackle this task. So, here are a few things you need to focus on when choosing a brand:

Proven track record
Experience within the field
Ability to perform different SEO tasks
Transparent policies and pricing

Among others, you should prioritize brands that rank among the top results in Google. In the end, if they were able to rank their own pages, they could also rank your online casino!

Ideally, you should hire a capable marketing agency to create a comprehensive iGaming SEO strategy and take care of all on-site promotions. While you can always hire several providers, it’s much better to have a single company to perform keyword research, content creation, and all other tasks.

So, it’s best you call MiroMind today. Our iGaming SEO services are second to none, and we have numerous clients that can confirm that! The full SEO packages are especially fantastic for new brands, but you can also get a lot of value from individual services.