Front-End Development

What Is Front-End Development? 

website is a sum of layers composed of structure, data, content, design, and functionality. It is the job of the front-end developer to create the user experience and interaction. Using a combination of design, markup languages, frameworks, and client-side scripts, our front-end developers create the perfect online environment for users. Everything a visitor sees on your website, clicks, or uses to retrieve or input information is created by the front-end developer, who brings the design of the site to life.
Our front-end developers use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to code your website and the web app designs that were created by our web designers. As opposed to the back-end developer, the code written by the front-end developer will run inside the browser of the user and not on the web server. The front-end code breaks the final design of the website into elements, and then delivers the functionality and information. Overall, through front-end development you get a web-based application that allows your visitors to enjoy a wonderful desktop experience.

What Are Front-End Languages?

Front-end developers use the following client-side languages:


With its libraries and frameworks, JavaScript is the core of the front-end development and it’s the most ubiquitous client-side language on the web.


HTML helps dictate the planning and content of a website, and it’s crucial for a front-end developer to know it. HTML elements offer the possibility to annotate headers, footers, how text displays, how the media and images appear and many more.


This is the latest standard for CSS (cascading style sheets). CSS3 is split into modules and can comprise the code for all graphic elements that make up the website.


XML + JavaScript, it allows specific sections of the website to be uploaded by asynchronously connecting to a database and extracting the XML-based blocks of data, without a full-page refresh.

What Are Front-End Frameworks?

The front-end frameworks use libraries of sharable, pre-packed code and software add-ons. Our developers may use a combination of the following frameworks to build the front-end of your website.


This is a framework that leverages the capability of JavaScript.


This is a small and fast JS object library that centralizes how JavaScript will behave on different browsers.


This mobile-first framework mixes CSS, HTML and JavaScript to increase the development of the app. Bootstrap ensures that your website is compatible with any modern browser and looks great no matter the screen size (PC, laptop, phone or t


This is a business-minded front-end framework that is used on websites such as eBay, Facebook and Yahoo!.

Semantic UI

This is a front-end user interface framework that focuses on code readability, structure and clean logic.



This is a responsive CSS framework that is the baseline for a responsive site. This framework does not require compiling and can get your site up and running in no time.


This is a lightweight framework that was created by Yahoo! and is a set of CSS modules that help designing mobile sites.

Hiring a Front-End Development Company 

Hiring a front-end development company to build your website will not only make your users much more satisfied, but it will also improve how your brand is perceived. Everything in the front-end is built using front-end languages that bridge the world of design and technology, creating a way for your visitors to interact on the website.

Our front-end developers possess crossover knowledge and have interdisciplinary skills, such as back-end development, visual design, database design and many more. They do not only tailor the user experience and bring a concept to life using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but also can create tools that can enhance users’ interaction and allow them to see your website on different browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.). Furthermore, our front-end developers can make a responsive design for mobile user and test the site during the development state for usability and to fix any potential bugs.

What Are The Advantages Of Front-End Development? 

Front-end website development has become very popular and it is considered the most advanced way of web-design. There are a lot of advantages in using a front-end development company to create your website. Here are some of the advantages from which you can benefit from:

Speedy Development / User-driven Outcomes

Using frameworks will enable faster development of your webpage and you can have it up and running in no time.


Another great feature of using frameworks in the coding of your website in that it makes it fully secured and you can have it working perfectly on any existing browser.

Quickly Reacting Apps and Features

Using the latest technologies and frameworks to build your website ensures that the final structure powering the apps reacts and works fast, making your customers more satisfied.

Powerful Features and Layouts

The frameworks and layout used by our front-end developers help your website be more powerful. The final website will be a strong presence on the World Wide Web and it will have extraordinary functionalities

Why Should You Work Together With Our Team Of Front-End Developers?


If you are looking to work with the best web development company, you’ve arrived at the right place. Our company has been in this industry for more than 10 years and we’ve worked successfully with both small companies and big industry-giants, including Microsoft and Revit. What makes us stand out and what our clients appreciate the most about us is that we have a strong technical background which helps us not only create and upgrade your website, but also solve any technical issues, increase your website’s speed, make it more visible using SEO, and many more.

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