Professional SEO Services

Miromind has been at the forefront of Search Optimization since 2007, working with niche local businesses and global enterprise companies. Our industry-savvy team maximizes both the efficiency of your campaign and ROI, making sure you win big.

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization – the three words every successful business relies upon. The smart and simple idea reason why SEO works is that it answers your clients’ needs. They have questions, and Google has the answers. And who provides Google with these answers? Your company. How? Through SEO. When? As soon as you start working with us.
If you are looking for the best SEO company, you have come to the right place. We take pride in offering strategic SEO services that will boost your Google ranking and drive traffic towards your website. We have more than 10 years of successful experience in Search Engine Optimization, and we have worked with both world-renowned companies such as Microsoft and Revit as well as with local niche businesses.

Why are we different than other SEO companies?

We have seen SEO evolve and change in those 10 years and we have managed to stay on top of a very fast – paced environment by continuously researching and strategizing to improve our methods.
We have industry-specific expertise. Whether your company is active in Tech/IT, Finance, Healthcare, Law, Business/Finance, E-Commerce or Construction/Engineering, our experience allows us to create a custom SEO strategy for your domain.
We have a tailored approach to SEO. What works for a world-wide corporation may not work for a small local business. We understand this fact and adapt our SEO services accordingly.
We measure success, not clients. Yes, we have an impressive portfolio of companies that have used our services, but we take most pride in the results we have achieved for them.
We provide our clients with a diverse array of SEO services according to their needs and business goals.
We perform a thorough audit of your website and use our technical background to improve your site, your visibility and, ultimately, your business profits.

Your goals are our goals. What drives us is the desire to help you increase your revenue by gaining unprecedented online visibility. Check out our SEO services below.

Local Search Strategy

If your business has a physical presence then you should definitely have local search strategy starting from local content to Google Maps Search Optimization.

On-Site Optimization

Through rigorous technical SEO audit, competitor analysis & keyword research we will quickly identify areas of improvement and opportunities for your business.

Off-Site Optimization

Link building is an important part of SEO. But more does not mean better. Our off-page SEO efforts are aimed at natural backlinks from high authority sources.

Multi-Location SEO

Franchises, brands or businesses with multiple locations require a special approach for multi-location local SEO strategy. We will help you develop and implement a plan which will help your customers find the right location locally.

Competitor Analysis

Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Our SEO Competitor Analysis will help you stay focused on actionable strategies and find ways to improve your online presence techniques.

Google Penalty Removal

When your website gets hit with Google penalties it means significant drop in traffic, sales and revenue. We will figure out the reasons and work on removing penalties so your business will continue to flourish.

SEO for Enterprises

Large enterprise with large websites, global and multi-language presence require a unique approach to their strategy. With our extensive experience working for large international organizations, we will ensure high rankings, prominence, reputation maintenance, and expansion.

SEO in B2B Companies

Today success of B2B companies begins with a compelling web presence: over 60% of B2B buyers research the company online before approaching. We use a complex approach to our B2B digital strategy, extending your reach and delivering measurable results.