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Miromind helps dental professionals around the globe grow their practice with experienced dental marketing SEO services.

Why Trust The Miromind Dental SEO Experts?

  • 12-Years experience providing dental SEO services
  • Proven track record of success for healthcare practices
  • Tech-savvy team of multi-lingual SEO experts
  • Boost engagement and gain new patients with an attractive ROI

New Patients are Critical to
Your Practice’s Success

As a dentist, you know that patients are the lifeblood of your business. With fierce competition between dental practitioners, though, it can be a challenge to attract new clients. Having a website is critical, but isn’t enough on its own; it has to be optimized properly to stand out over your competitors, deliver content that engages potential patients, and ultimately convince them to book an appointment.

Your Competitors are Already Online

You may already have a website. Your competitors certainly do. The question is: does it perform? Are you simply putting up a simple website with your contact information, or are you providing informative content that establishes you as a trusted authority in your field?

Because gaining patients means gaining their trust. Which is why you have to present yourself as the obvious choice for people in your community to be successful.

Your Prospective Patients are Searching for You

Before you spend money on your dental marketing campaigns, consider the following:

  • 77% of patients research dentists online before booking appointments
  • 76% of patients visit a practitioner’s website before making a decision
  • nearly half – 48% – of all patients do research for up to two weeks before choosing a practitioner
  • 91% of consumers pick the top-ranked search page result for their choice

Today, more than ever, it’s critical that you have the right dental SEO team behind you. Unlike traditional SEO agencies, Miromind has years of global experience providing Healthcare SEO as well as SEO for dentists, allowing your practice to become a trusted authority and to maximize your patient lists.


Acquire New Patients & Boost Your Practice Profits

Learn how our Dental SEO services can give you a competitive edge!

How our Dental SEO Services Deliver
New Patients

Working with Miromind’s dental practice SEO team delivers a wide variety of benefits for the maximum ROI. We understand the pressure points facing dental professionals, and we use a specialized approach to identifying, engaging, and ultimately converting your website visitors into patients.

We’ll work with you to create a roadmap to reaching your goals. We accomplish this with effective and directed SEO services including:

  • thorough dental SEO keyword research
  • link building and acquisition
  • targeted content generation and enhancement
  • competition analysis
  • Google Maps optimization to support local SEO for dentists
  • robust activity reporting

Through extensive analysis and audits, we’ll determine how your practice website performs, and then come up with a strategy involving extensive keyword research, SEO optimization, and high-quality, conversion-focused content.

At the end of the day, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Increased Visibility

Through highly-targeted keywords and content optimization, we’ll be able to generate top search rankings for your site, increasing your online visibility and making it easier for patients to find you.

Increased Visibility

Boost Your Authority

Patients want a dentist they can trust. We can work with you to deliver a highly-informative content strategy that will position you as an authority
to foster that feeling of trust.

Boost Your Authority

Gain Client Insight

You’ll get access to analytics and customer behavior data that will help you understand your clients’ needs, as well as what they’re searching for in your area. These insights can help you tailor your marketing services to ensure you maintain your lead generation levels.

Gain Client Insight

Maintain a Competitive Edge

By building on these dental SEO principles — improving visibility, building trust, gaining client insight — you’ll be well-positioned to not only stay on top of the search engines, but you’ll also enjoy high conversion levels for that all-important competitive edge.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

Dental SEO Services FAQ

How does your dental SEO marketing work?

Since no two practices are the same, we don’t believe in offering off-the-shelf packages. Rather, our dental SEO services are customized and tailored to your unique needs and are designed to work around your practice. Based on the information you provide and our analysis, we’ll come up with an individualized SEO strategy.

How much does your SEO for dental practices cost?

Our dental SEO pricing depends on what services need to be performed, and are based on the scope of our efforts. We can guarantee, however, that our costs are extremely competitive, and we’ll deliver performance improvements for an attractive ROI. Feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Do you guarantee my dental website will appear at the top of the search results?

Due to the nature of the industry, no agency or dental SEO company can guarantee a website will rank at the top of the search engines. Ultimately, it’s up to the search engine algorithms to make those decisions. At Miromind, we focus our efforts on coming up with strategies and optimizing your site to ensure that it’s in line with the metrics Google looks for when assigning ranking values.

How will I know how well the SEO services are performing?

We believe in providing our clients with the highest levels of transparency and provide constant communication and reporting. You’ll stay informed about every step we take, and you’ll receive insightful reports on the changes we’ve made so that you can track the performance of our marketing efforts.

Miromind. The Right Dental SEO Company for Your Practice

With over 12 years of experience helping businesses around the globe boost their sales and gain new clients, Miromind’s team of SEO professionals understand the unique requirements of SEO for dental websites.

We’ll help you become a trusted authority figure in your area while improving your website’s visibility — to maximize your practice’s profit with the highest ROI. Contact us today to start bringing new patients into your chair!