Content Strategy

Make the Most of SEO Marketing with High-Quality Content
Share Your Expertise With Clients and Gain More Visibility Online

Digital technologies are taking over the entire world and this includes the world of business. Managing customer relations, reaching potential clients, brand marketing – it’s all happening online these days and in order for your company to succeed, you need to keep up with modern trends. In view of how search engines work, one of the most important solutions for online marketing is SEO. Any business, whether it’s a small online store selling candy, or a technology giant selling software, needs an excellent SEO strategy to remain visible and competitive on the market.

The Importance of Content Strategy 

There are a few effective SEO solutions any digital agency uses, such as backlinking or paid listing, but the key to successful SEO is the content. It is valuable content that is the backbone of white hat SEO. Providing informative and engaging content will help readers get to know you and your services, and might urge them to recommend you to their friends and family. This is how marketing is done today.

Miromind: How We Do It 

Keyword research

Miromind will analyze your products and services, as well as examine your website and will come up with an SEO strategy most suitable for your business.  Through detailed keyword research, our team will plan the content that will help your website become more visible and reach higher results in search engines. At the same time, we promise to make sure the content remains valuable for your current and potential clients. Content strategy includes blog and social media posts, videos, and newsletters.

Wireframe analysis

Our experts will also focus on analyzing your website’s wireframe, which includes page layout, navigation, functionality, and page content. A well optimized website will most likely be also more user friendly and the visitors will spend more time browsing through your pages, which increases the chances of driving your sales. Our team will also provide you with recommendations for new pages, which will help you rank higher in search engine results. Simply adding any page to your website is not always a good solution and you need someone to guide you in the right direction.

Acquiring link juice

At Miromind, we know how to get the most link equity or, “link juice” for your website (one of the search engine ranking factors). This may include content augmentation, backlinking (linking to your website from a high-authority website – links can pass value and authority from one page to another), or website audit. The more link juice your page has, the higher it will rank for its target keywords in search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Our team will help you with both internal and external linking to make the most of the process.

Website Audit

Website audit is an analysis of your website, which detects strengths and weaknesses of your pages when it comes to online visibility. Our experts will carry out technical audit that will also cover more complex technical issues, such as checking page indexation, international versions, content formatting, number of organic landing pages, links visibility, headlining, duplicate content, keyword cannibalization, URLs, meta description, use of JavaScript, XML Sitemaps, and analytics. There is a number of free online tools that offer some basic audit solutions, however only specialists can detect every issue and know how to respond to it.