Google Penalty Removal

We help platforms who’ve been hit with Google penalties restore their online reputation, recover in a short period of time, and carry on with business. We empower businesses to use effective SEO techniques that help them get back on track and avoid future Google penalties.

What is Google Penalty Removal?


Any business that wants to get ahead of the competition needs to establish a strong online presence. That’s why implementing the right SEO strategy is crucial. However, it is easier said than done. Ranking high on a search engine results page isn’t as simple as before. Google, for instance, never fails to revamp their system. For many online businesses, this has become a problem. And in their desire to excel, they often resort to measures that are frowned upon by these platforms. As a result, their websites end up penalized for performing such violations.
A Google Penalty is a sanction given to websites that do not comply with the latest Google updates or standards.
Here are some of the penalties you must steer clear of:

Creating unnatural links to and from your website
Google can detect bogus links that you or someone else created. Those who get caught will face the appropriate sanctions.
Publishing spam
Producing pure spam is against Google’s guidelines and will earn penalties for violators. Those who publish articles packed with fillers will face consequences.
Allowing user-generated spam
Platforms that put up with user-generated spam (such as in forums) aren’t going to be tolerated by Google. They will penalize such websites as well.
Keyword stuffing
Content that comes with far too many keywords will get businesses in trouble. Though you can use multiple keywords in one article, each and every single one of them must fit the context of your piece.
Businesses often use this technique to show search engines a website that’s different from the one that consumers see. Google considers this practice as a deliberate attempt to manipulate their algorithms. Those who get caught are guaranteed to face penalties, or they could be banned.

The Benefits of Google Penalty Removal

If your website gets hit with a Google penalty, that could result in a significant drop in traffic, sales, and revenue. But don’t give up too soon. Through our Google Penalty Removal services, we can help you determine the problem and remove the penalties so that business can go on as usual.
Here are the benefits of Google Penalty Removal:

Minimize damage
Recovery depends on the severity of the penalty your website has been slapped with. It could be resolved in a matter of days, but it could also drag on for months. The most important thing anyone can do while your website is down is to act fast. By doing so, businesses can minimize the damage to their business.
Restore online reputation
A Google penalty can lead to a significant drop in traffic. The longer it takes for you to recover, the more prospects and customers you lose. Those who delight in the convenience of your online platform will most likely turn to one of your competitors. But with the help of Google Penalty Removal, you can deal with the worst consequences and repair your reputation in no time.
Move forward
Through Google Penalty Removal, businesses will come to understand the dangers of black hat SEO tactics. Aside from helping you recover from outstanding penalties, we teach you better practices that will make you stand out in a crowd of competitors without having to put your website at risk.

Google is constantly cracking down on black hat SEO practices. If you run a legitimate business, avoid current or future penalties so the brand doesn’t have to suffer.

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