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With over 12 years of experience helping healthcare and medical clients around the world, Miromind healthcare SEO agency helps your practice or healthcare facility attract new patients, gain authority & credibility, and help you meet your organizational goals.

Attract Patients and New Revenue Streams With Miromind’s Healthcare SEO Services

  • 13-years experience in SEO for global clients
  • Let patients easily find you
  • Extensive experience in SEO for healthcare providers

Why Your Practice or Facility Needs Miromind’s Healthcare SEO Services

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    Patients Are Searching For Healthcare Providers

    If you offer medical and healthcare services – as a practice, clinic, or another type of healthcare facility – you’ll know that cutting through the noise to reach new patients can be difficult. In fact, a report published by Medical Practice Insider found 77% of potential patients search for physicians and healthcare providers before making an appointment.

    That’s where healthcare SEO comes in. By ensuring that your organization’s website is optimized for search engines such as Google or Bing, you’ll appear at the top of the search results for the most relevant keywords aligning to the services you offer. Higher search visibility means more patients – and higher profits.

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    Demand for Telemedicine is Skyrocketing

    The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the demand for telemedicine services jump from 18% to 30% in the first three months of 2020 in the U.S. alone, according to data compiled by CivicScience. As more and more patients look for remote healthcare options, it’s never been more important for patients to be able to find you.

    Miromind harnesses their extensive SEO experience to boost visibility for healthcare websites. Our tech-savvy team provides customized optimization tailored to your needs and can provide guidance and execute strategies that ensure patients searching for telemedicine and telehealth providers find you easily.

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    Good Content Delivers Patients

    High search engine visibility is only half the battle. Even today, good SEO is all about relevant, high-quality content. After all, ranking at the top of Google is meaningless if potential customers aren’t encouraged to visit your site.

    Our team of content creators can provide blog posts and articles that provide real value to your current or potential patients. Informative content combined with a user-friendly and intuitive site will engage your visitors and make them come back again and again.

Start Attracting New Patients

Learn How Our Medical & Healthcare SEO Services
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The Importance of Healthcare SEO for Doctors & Medical Practices

More than ever, patients are going online for medical information and healthcare advice. And like any business, you want to make sure your medical website appears where your potential patients are looking. With that in mind, you need to work with an SEO team experienced with the nuances of the healthcare field. Let’s look at some of the benefits that Miromind’s healthcare SEO brings to your practice or medical facility.

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    Let Patients Find You

    Did you know that 43% of consumers rely on the internet as their go-to choice for medical information? It’s natural, of course: people want to know more about their symptoms before deciding whether or not to seek medical attention. But is your practice’s website visible and ready to attract those potential patients?

    Your practice is a business, and you need patients to remain profitable. By boosting your online visibility with informative content, you’ll be able to attract a steady stream of new patients while helping to retain existing ones — to improve your bottom line.

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    Stay Competitive

    Let’s face it: healthcare is a competitive arena. With the significant capital costs required to start and maintain a practice, you can’t afford to lose patients to your competitors. And make no mistake — your competition is trying to outrank you in the search engines and boost their visibility over yours. To put it bluntly, they’re trying to attract your patients.

    Miromind’s healthcare SEO services are designed to make sure patients come to you for help when looking for medical assistance, not someone else. We accomplish this by providing healthcare SEO strategies and methods to not only vault your medical website to the top of the search engines but also with informative and engaging content that will position you as the go-to medical authority

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    Keep up With Healthcare SEO Trends

    Digital marketing is always evolving. As medical professionals need to keep up with the latest healthcare information and technology, healthcare SEO companies also have to stay abreast of the daily changes in the industry.

    Working with Miromind healthcare SEO agency means forging a partnership with a highly-technical group of SEO experts who have a keen understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals just like you. In fact, we’ve helped dozens of companies around the globe improve their lead generation and conversion rates in a variety of industries, and our team can deliver customized strategies to bring your practice’s patient engagement levels to the next level.

Miromind’s Customized Healthcare SEO Approach

With over 13 years of recognized SEO experience under our belt, our team uses the latest strategies and healthcare SEO techniques to deliver results for your practice. Our approach harnesses customized and targeted SEO best practices that deliver results without harming future rankings. These include:

  • In-depth keyword research with detailed buyer-focused clustering
  • Professional on-site website optimization
  • Delivering strategic and targeted healthcare content marketing such as high-quality informative blog posts that attract interest and encourage engagement with you
  • Expertly-worded META titles and other tags to improve website search rankings
  • Acquiring high-value backlinks from authority healthcare and medical websites
Start Attracting New Patients

Learn How Our Healthcare SEO Services
Help Boost Your Profits

Start Attracting New Patients Today With Our Healthcare SEO Services

Miromind healthcare SEO agency has helped healthcare and medical clients around the world to significantly boost their rankings, gain authority & credibility, and attract new patients. Our partnership with you is based on transparency, trust, and open communications. We believe strongly that the more you know the better, and our goal is to ensure that you know how well you’re performing so that you can make informed decisions.

We have the experience and expertise to know which strategies will help you reach your organizational goals. Contact us today to learn how you can start attracting clients and securing your healthcare practice’s future.