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For software companies, it is quite common to find managers who think that the company does not need SEO services because it has programmers in its team. This mindset is often the fault line that keeps software companies unable to make headway in search engine optimization. The truth is that if you want to stand out in an increasingly crowded software industry, you must hire an SEO agency with the skills and expertise necessary to push you forward. Your in-house web designers will know little about SEO and cannot adequately address your SEO challenges.

Miromind helps software companies with advanced SEO to make certain that your company stands out in this competitive industry. We specialize in delivering local and organic SEO that exponentially improves your ROI. Our wealth of experience will help you with your lead generation challenges. Miromind will help you acquire software industry leads that convert.

Why work with Miromind? 

Miromind is the go-to SEO agency for software companies. For years, we have dominated this space with excellent IT lead generation. Our deep and unmatched understanding of the IT sector allows us to create bespoke solutions that address the challenges unique to this industry. Miromind has a team of professionals with a deep understanding of the intricacies of search engine optimization for tech companies. Whether it is B2B tech marketing or marketing for tech startups, Miromind has the knowledge and skills in doing SEO for software companies to produce results that few SEO agencies can match.
We are committed to guiding you through:

Keyword selection

Any successful SEO project relies heavily on keyword selection. All content you create for your website must have industry-relevant keywords that can improve your ranking within the IT industry. Miromind will help you through the process of researching the best keywords that can lead to robust lead-generation.

Creating linkable assets

Content creation is always at the center of any successful SEO project. Creating linkable assets is about creating unique content that other websites, especially authority niche sites, will want to link to. This approach is the best in creating backlinks. When you create a piece of content (whether an article, an infographic, a video, etc.) that people can’t resist linking and sharing, then you have a truly linkable asset, ultimately making lead generation for IT companies seem like a walk in the park.

Using a content management system

A content management system (CMS) like WordPress makes the process of collaboration on a piece of content easy before it is published. It eliminates the need for hand editing, essentially speeding the creation process. Additionally, a good CMS will typically have SEO tools you can use to optimize your content for search engines.

When it becomes easy to create and edit content, it makes it possible to create more unique content and ultimately works towards strengthening your SEO efforts. Miromind will help you establish an efficient content management system that will simplify your content creation process.

Contributing articles to industry-relevant authority sites

Marketing for tech companies is not limited to on-page SEO. In fact, it is often what you do outside your website rather than what you do on the site that has a greater influence on your website’s rank. One big way of achieving this is through guest blogging – contributing to authority websites in your niche. These websites are high-ranking sites with a noteworthy domain authority. Contributing an article gives you a chance to get a link back to your website while presenting you as an authority in the IT industry. Miromind has helped numerous IT companies with guest blogging using its established contacts in the IT industry.

Publishing unique data

This SEO tactic is especially relevant for B2B tech marketing. While it is part of creating linkable assets, it deserves its own mention because of how powerful it is as an SEO strategy. By sharing unique data like statistics and case studies, you give readers insights into how a project worked, what the challenges were and how they can replicate the results in their own projects. Publishing unique data is one of the most effective ways of marketing for tech startups. It brings them to the fore in SERPs as other websites, including those with high domain authority, rush to share this unique data with their audiences. By hiring Miromind, you can tap into our established unique data generating resources that will help you create your space as a software company.

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