MiroMind specialises in SEO for the tech industry. One of the clients from that niche with whom we’ve been working is Byteplant.

Byteplant is a Germany-based software company specialising in email, phone and address validation – each service has a separate website assigned to it. They facilitate communication between companies and their existing and potential customers, making sure that contact details gathered by a company are valid, without any duplicates, free from non-existing or disposable addresses. They have been on the market since 2003, and started working with MiroMind at the start of 2018.

Tech Industry, SaaS
Email, phone, address validation


When Byteplant contacted us in early 2018, their websites had numerous problems; each of them was under some penalties, their design was far from satisfactory and their organic visibility was very low. As a consequence, the company didn’t get enough leads. 


The situation required us to adopt a twofold approach; to craft and implement the right SEO strategy and to redesign the websites. We performed an in-depth keyword research, which turned out to reveal plenty of top-of-the-funnel and middle-of-the-funnel keywords that had previously gone unnoticed.

We used them to write high-quality blog posts that educated Byteplant’s potential customers and offered solutions to their pain points. We also optimized the websites using our unique approach to on-site SEO, as well as started a targeted off-site campaign.

All the penalties were removed. As for the websites’ design, it was completely changed with the aim of improving the UX and conversion rates.

Old design:

New design:


We didn’t have to wait long for the results. Byteplants’s organic visibility rocketed by more than 100% in less than a year! As a result, the number of conversions also rose considerably. The websites completely recovered from the crisis and the company was thriving again.

We continue to work with Byteplant by monitoring their websites in terms of user- and SEO-friendliness, testing various solutions and creating high-quality content. We’re happy to say that their rankings continue to improve. What does Byteplant’s CEO, Thomas, have to say about our cooperation? Read his testimonial here