From 45 to 45,000 impressions in less than a year. Impressive visibility results for IT Services Company


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IT is a highly competitive sector that requires going the extra mile to capture real estate on the SERPs.

IT Services Company
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While IT Company is a much-needed solution for businesses that are looking to outsource IT services, it experienced serious issues with lead generation. When MiroMind started working on SEO, it faced a significant number of problems, including a lack of content, technical issues, and poor keyword implementation tactics.


To design an action plan for improving visibility, the MiroMind team ran a comprehensive website audit. We analyzed the website’s structure, content, and technical aspects while assessing the user experience.

Next, our team performed in-depth keyword research to identify relevant on different levels of the Sales funnel and identified the lack of keyword use in the scarce website content. We went through multiple iterations of keyword expansions to cover the potential queries of different target audience segments. Based on our in-depth keyword research we created a content marketing strategy, to eliminate content gaps and earn topical authority within the IT Services niche.

Our content marketing experts performed a detailed content audit and developed a content strategy that focused on creating relevant content that addressed the audience’s pain points and made it easier for them to find the necessary IT services.

We spent a significant amount of time building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. This tactic made a significant contribution to improving the website’s authority and helping its rankings.

Throughout the year, we conducted SEO audits, implemented multiple on-page SEO tactics, produced new content, worked on interlinking, and worked on technical improvements. Our SEO experts tracked website analytics, identified areas for improvement, and implemented strategies that continuously contributed to the website’s organic search rankings.


In November 2022, the number of impressions was less than 50. In just six months, that number increased to 15,000. By October 2023, this metric exceeded 45,000. And the number of clicks went from 4-15 clicks a day in November 2022 to 100-180 clicks per day in November 2023.