A Sharp Increase in Organic Traffic


MiroMind is a global digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience helping businesses of all sizes meet their marketing goals. Our diverse team of marketing experts takes a comprehensive approach to each project and leverages the latest technologies and techniques to achieve the desired results. One of the companies we recently worked with is Trellis.

Trellis is a SaaS solution for natural gas supply chain players. Their platform makes it easier to manage the supply chain and ensure the delivery of clean energy to the end user. This unified data and transaction marketplace makes it easier to take care of multiple tasks and minimize business risks.

The Trellis team hired MiroMind to increase organic traffic to their website in order to meet their lead generation and conversion goals.

Oil and Gas, SaaS
Tellis Inform, Trellis Connect, Trellis Transact, Trellis Insight, Trellis Datastore


While the Trellis platform is a highly demanded industry product, the company had issues achieving the desired visibility on the SERPs. They couldn’t rank high enough for competitive industry keywords and lacked a comprehensive content management strategy.


The MiroMind team began the collaboration by analyzing the current marketing tactics. We evaluated onsite and offsite efforts that failed to achieve the desired goals. Our experts ran in-depth technical audits to find several issues on the website. We shared the findings with Trellis’s internal team and worked out a strategy to fix them.

MiroMind content marketing experts reviewed the existing content development efforts and provided recommendations for changing the content plan. We also conducted in-depth keyword research and offered advice on advanced keyword implementation for the website content and blogs.

The MiroMind team developed high-quality authoritative industry content and published it on external websites. This powered our backlinking strategy and helped the Trellis website gain more credibility for ranking purposes.

During the collaboration period, the MiroMind team continued to provide recommendations for on-site and off-site marketing efforts. With our support, the client made important changes to the website and achieved the desired rankings on the top pages of the SERPs.


The 1.5-year collaboration with the MiroMind team helped Trellis achieve its organic visibility goals. The traffic to the website doubled while rankings for competitive industry keywords increased significantly.