From 10 to 2,000 – a sharp organic traffic increase in just six months


MiroMind is a multifaceted digital marketing agency with decades of experience. It has helped many industry players achieve considerable online visibility results. The company’s mission is to bring credible organizations to the top of the SERPs where the target audience can find their valuable products and services.

KubeSphere is an open-source Kubernetes container platform. It offers a developer-friendly web UI for full-stack automated IT processes. This plug-and-play product helps companies with cloud-native app management.

When the KubeSphere team made the decision to enter the global market, they hired MiroMind to help with increasing their global visibility. They needed to revamp their digital marketing strategy to achieve new lead generation and conversion goals.

KubeSphere Container Platform


As the company entered the global market, the existing marketing tactics needed to be reviewed to suit the new marketing goals. The objectives included higher organic visibility, technical on-site improvements, and increased website traffic.


After evaluating KubeSphere goals and objectives, the MiroMind team began its work by running multiple advanced technical audits. During these audits, our tech experts discovered numerous issues that had to be fixed for the website to rank higher on the SERPs. While these technical issues were being addressed by the internal marketing team and MiroMind specialists, our team players began conducting keyword research.

Since the company’s lead generation and conversion goals were changing due to its expansion to the global market, MiroMind had to conduct advanced research and implement multiple iterations of keyword extensions.

Next, we reviewed the current content strategy and provided extensive advice about its development. Besides offering detailed guidance on content creation, the MiroMind team helped create a robust content plan.

Another important element of the new strategy included ongoing on-page optimization. The MiroMind team provided advice and guidance for on-page elements that needed to be changed, fixed, or removed to make the website more appealing to search engines.

From the first day of work, our team began integrating a strong link-building strategy, which included finding the most relevant credible platforms and negotiating with them about the possibility of posting KubeSphere content. This made a significant contribution to the results of the campaign.


We started working with KubeSphere in February 2021. In just a few months, the traffic to their website started increasing significantly. It went up from just a few visits to 2K visitors. Today, the KubeSphere website ranks high for multiple competitive keywords and takes up its rightful place on the first SERP.  We continue working with the company to ensure ongoing positive results.

Feedback summary from KubeSphere:

“Since partnering with MiroMind, the company continues to rank on the first page of search engines for multiple keywords. The traffic is steadily increasing, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their vast technical knowledge and professionalism.”

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