Cryptocurrency companies have encountered many difficulties over the years in the digital marketing landscape, particularly in paid ads.

For instance, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat prohibited advertisements for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2018.

Facebook reinstated cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) ads three years later, but with strict guidelines. Mailchimp also implemented a new set of prohibitions on crypto content in newsletters. Reddit, on the other hand, has prohibited crypto ads since 2016. 

With such challenges, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes critical for crypto companies. 

We offer friendly crypto SEO services that win organic traffic and place your cryptocurrency website on top of search engine results pages (SERPS).

What is crypto SEO?

Crypto SEO simply means SEO for websites in the cryptocurrency niche. We optimize your website to raise the position on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

This type of SEO requires in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry and SEO strategies, and Miromind is a great partner that you can always look up to.

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Importance of SEO for the Crypto Industry

The key advantage of cryptocurrency SEO is the ability to rank on top of the search engine results pages. It’s that simple. But crypto SEO carries more benefits.

Crypto SEO helps you to overcome restrictions on advertising

As previously mentioned, some of the top advertising platforms have tight restrictions for crypto organizations. 

But SEO offers a nice workaround to reach potential customers. We can increase your crypto website traffic by using keywords to draw in visitors instead of running ads.

When done right, crypto SEO can offer steady growth in organic traffic

Any type of SEO is a long-term marketing approach, and crypto SEO is no exception. You just need to ensure that you are doing it right from the word go. Your website will then start to experience a gradual growth in organic traffic.

Consistent SEO practices will take your website to the top of rankings and keep it there, ensuring you are always receiving new visitors – which is what every business would want.

The right crypto SEO increases conversion rates

According to a study by The SEO Chap, the average conversion rate for paid advertisements is 1.3%.. The conversion almost doubles when you employ, at 2.4%. 

What this means is that SEO is far much better at bringing those conversions. In other words when your crypto website is optimized for the search engines, you get more organic visitors. The trust level of organic visitors rises when the website is properly optimized for engagement. The more the visitors are engaged, the more the likelihood of converting

SEO positions your website as the go-to source of crypto information

When you perform a search online, you are basically looking for information that can help you solve a specific problem. This is why we mostly search online using a question.

Once you find a credible resource that answers your question,  you will trust that resource as an authority in the subject.

But no matter how great your information is, your target audience may never find your website if it’s not ranked on top of the results that they see when making a search on Google or other search engines. SEO solves this.

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Our Crypto SEO Services

The rapid growth and volatility of cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors has made them extremely competitive fields. That’s why our crypto SEO services are tailored to navigate the competitive landscape and take your website to the top of search results. 

These are the core cryptocurrency SEO services that we offer at Miromind.

Link building

Link building means getting other websites to link to your website. These websites must be of high quality and the specific content on the pages where the links come must be relevant to your services. Otherwise the links will be considered irrelevant, hence be counted as poor quality links.  

Some of the content types we use to earn high-quality links for cryptocurrency websites include:

  • Press releases
  • Infographics
  • Guest posts from crypto industry experts in our network.

Content creation

Get ready to see content that is a darling for your audience and search engines! 

We take time to understand your unique offerings at the deepest level, then oversee the creation of a content strategy that includes the following:

  • Blog posts geared towards the right demographics
  • How-to guides

Content is an essential component of crypto digital marketing since it’s what potential customers engage with on their way to making decisions.

You have an in-house content team? We’ll help them to create highly targeted content to increase the number of organic visitors to your website (s).

We can also manage the entire content creation process. This is suitable for those without in-house content teams.

SEO audit

We analyze all the important features of the cryptocurrency website, including the following:  

  • Page loading speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Keyword distribution
  • The quality of links, both inbound and outbound 
  • The quality of images 
  • Headings and tags, etc

Our expert-led SEO audits comprise a powerful strategy that will find all issues that could be affecting the search engine rankings. 

For example, we can identify broken links, indexing problems, and security flaws. We then create a solution package that will get rid of these issues. 

The audit alo involves an element of comparing your performance against competitors.

Keyword research

Which keywords do your potential customers use when searching for the kind of cryptocurrency services or products that you offer? We answer this question through intensive keyword research. 

At the very top level, these are the typical crypto keyword categories that are common in the cryptocurrency industry:

  • Cryptocurrency names, e.g., Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Blockchain technologies, e.g., smart contracts or decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Keywords around latest regulations 
  • Keywords around current news and trends in the crypto industry, etc. 

But we’ll not necessarily focus on the big keywords only. Sometimes the keywords with smaller search volumes will bring the right audience that is ready to buy. As well, such keywords are cheaper to rank compared to the top keywords which can be expensive and often take a long time to rank at the top.

Onsite Optimization

With onsite page optimization, we enhance pages on the website to make them relevant and user-friendly for both search engines and visitors.

These are some of the tasks we undertake on-page optimization for cryptocurrency websites:  

  • Aligning content titles and headers with the user intent
  • Ensuring the tone and style of the content reflects the target audience profile
  • Optimizing visual components, such as images and videos 
  • Using the right structures for URLs, etc. 

We optimize these elements until you see quantifiable results.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about optimizing a website specifically for search engine algorithms. We examine the website’s backend components and features, such as: 

  • How fast the website loads across different devices and browsers
  • How search engines crawl and index the website
  • Digital certificates and firewalls, etc.

We essentially ensure that the website is legible to algorithms.

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Crypto projects we do SEO for

The Financial Times observes that more than half of Fortune 500 companies have pursued blockchain and cryptocurrency projects since 2020. 

This is the clearest indication that new use cases for crypto are emerging beyond what speculators may have imagined.

Our crypto SEO services cater to the most exciting use cases with potential for high ROI. Take advantage of our ruthless SEO execution in these cryptocurrency projects.

  • Crypto exchanges

    There are more than 1,500 exchanges online today, each with unique features and fees. Some trade cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency, while others trade cryptocurrency for cash. Wallet features are also integrated into some platforms. 

    If you run one of these exchanges, then you need our specialized SEO crypto exchange SEO service to beat the competition. We specifically work to increase organic traffic and conversions.

    We particularly pay attention to enhancing the standing of your exchange in high trust and transparency.

  • NFT projects

    NFT projects can be lucrative. But it’s not every project that succeeds to a level where it can sell for top dollar. 

    See examples of what some of the successful NFT projects have achieved:



    Want your NFT project to reach or surpass these levels? We can help.

    We’ll make your NFT both imposing and captivating. Enthusiasts will not miss it and the media attention will be outstanding. We take time to understand the unique strengths of the project, then craft a strategy that delivers the right organic traffic.

  • Informational resources

    We craft audience pulling informational resources about cryptocurrencies that help investors and enthusiasts understand the market and make wise choices.. 

    Besides building the right content, we’ll also optimize and make it simple for investors to find what they need. The ultimate goal is to entrench your informational website as a crypto authority.

  • Blockchain projects

    If you are planning to build or are already running a web or mobile application using blockchain technology, let’s help you give it the visibility that you crave. 

    Here are some examples of such projects:


    • Smart contract-driven platforms for charitable giving or crowdfunding
    • Ridesharing applications aimed at direct connection of drivers and passengers
    • Loyalty schemes
    • Blockchain networks for tracking food ingredients
    • Decentralized networks for leasing surplus cloud storage capacity

We give these projects an online presence that is guaranteed to draw interest from potential users, including investors.

If you would like to publish your source code and programming methodology, we’ll help with creation of podcasts, blog series, and other relevant content to contribute to open-source communities.

Why Choose Our Cryptocurrency SEO Agency

Miromind has worked in SEO for over a decade. We have seen trends come and go, and new ones emerge. We were here when the world of cryptocurrency gained momentum, and we have helped companies in this space increase both their traffic and revenues to historical margins.

These qualities define our authority in cryptocurrency SEO:

1. Domain Expertise 

Our knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is not only vast but also deep. The cryptocurrency SEO team has successfully navigated the difficulties of optimizing websites in the cryptocurrency industry. We understand the mistakes that most SEO professionals make and how to fix them. 

We can position your website both for novices and seasoned traders. Breaking down industry-specific jargon and attracting a wide audience is our play field. 

2. Brand Recognition

Miromind is recognized by Clutch as a top SEO company with a 5.0 star review rating. This is a testament to our dedication to this trade and the massive knowledge we have acquired out of working with diverse clients. 

4. Ethical Practices

In order to avoid search engine penalties, we implement ethical SEO practices, which include:

  • Producing insightful content
  • Monitoring keyword trends
  • Keeping up with search algorithm changes, which happen frequently. 

4. Reliable Support

Even once we complete a particular campaign, we still make our experts available to act on any report that shows the need for action. 

This is important because a typical SEO campaign normally takes at least six months to one year after implantation before you can see significant results.

5. Diligent Project Management

A project without efficient management is dead on arrival.

Moreover, they diligently, attentively, and professionally manage the project and communication.

We pay attention to every detail and are always on standby to clarify issues. You will always find us whenever you need us, round the clock. We deliberately do this because we understand that communication is the engine of fluid project management.

Case studies

Without an experienced partner by your side and perhaps with no deep rooted networks, it’s possible that crypto SEO could as well be a complex process when you try to do it all in-house. 

We recognize this challenge and welcome you to take advantage of our 10 plus good years of experience and passion for SEO. 

Remember the cryptocurrency is just getting started. We can’t wait to build your brand to a giant among the giants that will rule the cryptocurrency industry of tomorrow! Let’s have a chat.