MiroMind works in various niches and investing is one of them. One of the clients that occupies the alternative investing field is STOKR.

STOKR is an investment marketplace for millennials where depositors can invest in a company of their choice by purchasing their security tokens.Companies can showcase in a transparent and effective manner. It also works as an investment platform where firms can raise investments by issuing security tokens and manage all the investor relationships from their firm dashboard. Companies issue equity instruments like right to future revenue or right to future profits on STOKR. Depositors can participate in governance, communication and portfolio management from their dedicated investor dashboard.

investing, blockchain, SaaS
security token offering, investment marketplace


When we started working with STOKR in June 2020, the website had many issues that we had to work on. One of the website’s main problems was low level of organic visibility that was causing poor traffic.


In order to solve the problems Miromind’s professionals made a deep analysis of the website such as technical audit and keyword research that revealed lots of technical and SEO issues. Lots of keywords with promising potential were discovered after performing a detailed keyword search and analyzing keywords used by the competition. Based on the research our specialists developed technical and content guidelines. We proposed the efficient website structure, launched new pages focused on the most important keywords, significantly increased website’s authority and organic visibility. We constantly monitored the performance of the campaign and performed keyword expansions, discovering new opportunities for our client. 


After the start of the campaign it wasn’t long before significant changes had shown up. In the period from June 1 2020 to January 30 2021, organic traffic for the STOKR website went up from 67 to 1060 users per month. We managed to increase it by 1583% in just 8 months!