A 2022% increase in monthly users in 10 months. With MiroMind’s assistance, Varsity Base is outranking the competition.


MiroMind is an SEO agency with experience in different aspects of e-commerce marketing. One of our clients is an e-commerce retailer who focuses on selling varsity jackets. This family business has been on the market for several years, but the online store is fairly new. They design varsity jackets aimed at audiences of different ages, from teenagers to adults. The company takes a personalized approach to each product, using high-quality fabrics to create unique and appealing apparel. Besides offering several lines of products, Varsity Base implements a product configuration technique, allowing customers to design custom jackets to suit their needs perfectly.

Varsity Base
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Varsity jackets, custom varsity jackets.


When MiroMind started working with Varsity Base, the company had several technical SEO issues with its website and an underdeveloped offsite and onsite marketing strategy. The key problem they struggled with was insufficient traffic, lack of relevant keywords ranking, and low online sales. The company’s main goal was to rank higher on Google for specific keywords.


To determine the right course of action for Varsity Base, our experts analyzed the company’s keyword research strategy, reviewed their website, and evaluated the content. We also looked at the competition and at the way it was implementing the highly competitive keywords.

We built a SEO strategy which included in-depth keyword search with detailed clustering, planned the website structure, resolved technical SEO issues, analyzed which keywords are used by the competition, and determined which keywords need extra work to improve the website’s position on the SERPs.

Next, we evaluated existing content on and off the website to see how it’s helping the company rank higher for the necessary keywords. Since Varsity Base is yet to create a blog, we focused our attention on jackets categories, and product descriptions.

Our next step was to position the company as an industry leader through off-site SEO tactics. The brand awareness the company gained helped direct more traffic to its website.

Over the past 10 months, we’ve been monitoring the results of the campaign and adjusting it accordingly to achieve a significant increase in high-quality traffic.


At the beginning of the campaign, the retailer’s website attracted 285 users per month. Today, the number of users is 5,763 per month. That’s over a 2000% increase in traffic. Currently, the company is outranking its main competitor for the majority of keywords.


Feedback summary from Varsity Base:

“Thanks to MiroMind, the client is now outranking their competitors for most of their targeted keywords. The team’s communication and workflow were clear and concise. They showcased flexibility while proving to be a reliable partner. There aren’t any areas of improvement to speak of.”

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