The first page of the SERPs in under 9 months. How an SEO agency MiroMind helped a nursing recruitment agency outrun the competition.


MiroMind has extensive experience with digital marketing in the healthcare sector. It has helped many local and international healthcare agencies achieve substantial marketing results.

Connetics USA is a nursing recruitment agency that helps registered nurses from abroad to find jobs in the US healthcare industry in order to battle the nationwide nursing shortage. The key goal of the company is to help nurses from all over the world to find gratifying jobs and make a difference.

While Connetics USA is a successful agency, it required assistance to attract candidates online. That’s why it contacted MiroMind, a company with experience in marketing for both healthcare and recruitment sectors.

Connetics USA
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While the company is offering highly demanded services, the number of nurses and employers who can find them online is lower than expected. When MiroMind started working with Connetics USA, the agency had a variety of technical issues with the website and problems with keyword research. It also lacked key SEO elements.


To address the main challenges with the client’s website, MiroMind SEO experts analyzed its technical side. By running an in-depth technical audit, specialists identified key technical problems that interfered with the website’s ranking and impacted the number of conversions. After that, content experts ran a content analysis to discover issues with content quality, structure, and placement. To create a high-quality SEO plan, MiroMind specialists ran an in-depth competitor analysis, which provided valuable insight into keyword research and content adjustment.

MiroMind experts designed an effective on-site optimization strategy, created a constructive content strategy, fixed all current technical issues, and improved the overall health of the Connetics USA website.

During the past six months with the client, MiroMind ran continuous campaign analysis to identify tactics that yield top results. This didn’t just help SEO specialists streamline the digital marketing campaign but also allowed the client to achieve a higher marketing ROI.


As soon as MiroMind began its campaign, the results started to show. Between March 2022 and June 2023, the organic traffic to the Connetics USA website went up significantly. The average click-through rate is 3% The website started ranking high for top industry keywords. For some of them, it went up by over 60 points. In under nine months, Connetics USA settled on the first page of the SERPs.SEO Case Study: Connetics USA