A 40% increase in organic traffic in less than a year. A dramatic improvement in marketing results for Nebula Graph.


MiroMind is a leading digital marketing agency that has helped multiple companies across various industries achieve their marketing and business goals. Among them were SaaS providers who wanted to increase the number of clients while promoting their brands through relevant digital channels. One of them is Nebula Graph

Nebula Graph is an open-source distributed graph database solution that allows users to store and process graphs on the cloud. It offers a number of tools to improve graph building for multiple purposes. Large companies, such as Tencent, WeBank, and Zhihu leverage Nebula Graph to build their applications.

Even though Nebula Graph offers top-notch solutions, it needed help attracting new clients and improving visibility on the web. They chose to collaborate with MiroMind since this marketing agency has experience with solving these problems for similar companies.

Nebula Graph
Open-source distributed graph database


Despite the high quality of Nebula Graph solution, the number of clients wasn’t sufficient due to low rankings, lack of traffic, and high competition. Poor content strategy coupled with technical website issues was interfering with achieving the desired results.


The MiroMind marketing team took a comprehensive approach to building a successful digital marketing strategy for Nebula Graph. It began by running a complete technical audit and a quick wins audit to evaluate the extent of the problem and find weak spots in the current marketing tactics.

The results of this evaluation allowed MiroMind marketers to design an effective strategy that included:

  • Ongoing onsite search engine optimization
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • Robust link-building tactics

The marketing team addressed all the current technical issues and set up regular technical health checks to ensure a smooth on-site experience for users. By designing a high-quality content plan and writing top-notch content, MiroMind improved the content strategy and provided value to potential and existing Nebula Graph clients.

By implementing the latest marketing tactics, addressing current issues, and leveraging top SEO strategies, MiroMind helped Nebula Graph achieve impressive marketing ROI and gain new market share.


As soon as MiroMind began implementing its marketing tactics, Nebula Graph started experiencing the impact. Between July 2022 and May 2023, the organic traffic went up significantly. By the end of May 2023, the company boasted an impressive 6,753 users per month, and numbers were steadily rising. The number of clicks and impressions went up by almost 100%.

In under 10 months, MiroMind helped Nebula Graph increase website traffic, attract new long-term users, and increase revenue.