A 100% increase in organic traffic in less than a year 


MiroMind provides digital marketing services to businesses that struggle to achieve their marketing goals internally. We leverage the latest marketing techniques and technologies to boost organic traffic, increase rankings, and streamline digital presence.

One of our clients is Balbix, a SaaS company that built an impressive AI-driven platform for analyzing cybersecurity data and keeping business assets safe. This product tackles the most pressing cybersecurity issues faced by organizations around the world. Convenience and advanced UI coupled with strong ML and AI capabilities allow this platform to stand out from the competition.

While Balbix’s internal marketing team was working hard to achieve an organic digital presence, the campaign results weren’t as expected. That’s why the company hired MiroMind to strengthen its marketing efforts and achieve the desired goals.

B2B SaaS
Balbix Security Cloud (cybersecurity platform)


Balbix’s informative website with multiple resources for the target audience wasn’t getting sufficient rankings on the SERPs. Poor online presence transformed into insufficient organic traffic and fewer revenue opportunities. They hired MiroMind to improve organic rankings and bring high-potential clients to the website.


To determine the most effective marketing tactics for meeting the client’s objectives, the MiroMind team began by running a Quick Wins audit and providing instructions for fixing the issues on the surface.

While the client was making changes, the MiroMind experts continued with an in-depth technical audit. It uncovered multiple issues, including missing metadata, duplicate pages, and 404 error pages. We provided detailed recommendations to the client’s team that helped them fix the problems effectively.

After running audits, the MiroMind marketing team provided expert advice on on-site and off-site SEO strategy development. We didn’t just help Balbix build a new successful strategy but also provided actionable advice on implementing it. It involved expanded keyword research, content strategy, and instructions on existing content augmentation.  

MiroMind also worked out a link-building strategy that contributed to brand awareness, organic visibility, and lead generation efforts of the client. It involved writing high-quality content and negotiating with webmasters of credible sites for opportunities to publish expert opinions, blogs, and articles with backlinks.

Over the past 12 months, MiroMind has been actively monitoring the Balbix marketing campaign and adjusting it to meet the desired objectives faster.


Between August 2021 and August 2022, MiroMind’s efforts helped double Balbix’s organic traffic. We achieved impressive ranking growth for highly competitive keywords and brought Balbix to the top spots of the SERPs.