1st Page of the SERPs in less than 16 months


MiroMind is a leading digital marketing company that helps businesses achieve their market goals, gain organic visibility, streamline content marketing efforts, and much more. This team has helped hundreds of retailers across the globe take up their rightful place on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). One of these companies is DPA Microphones.

DPA Microphones has been in the microphone market for over 70 years. They design high-quality microphones and accessories for a variety of purposes, from professional applications to recreational use. This respected industry player constantly updates its product line, implementing new technologies to bring top products to the target audience.

While DPA Microphones is an award-winning manufacturer that sells the highest quality solutions, they had issues with bringing the target audience to their website. The MiroMind team took on the challenge to help this client stand out from a highly competitive crowd.

DPA Microphones
Microphone solutions


Due to the high competition in the market, DPA Microphones was struggling to gain visibility on the SERPs and bring new customers to their doorstep. Technical issues on their website coupled with an inefficient content strategy led to low rankings.


The MiroMind team began with an in-depth evaluation of the client’s marketing strategy with a close focus on the website. Multiple advanced technical audits discovered a variety of problems that prevented the key web pages from appearing on the first pages of the SERPs.

After providing recommendations for repairing the technical issues, the marketing team proceeded to conduct advanced keyword research for keyword expansion. MiroMind offered keyword recommendations for effective content creation and adjustment of on-page SEO elements.

The marketing team went on to review and correct the client’s content marketing strategy. It provided content development recommendations and assistance with some elements of content creation.


The collaboration with MiroMind allowed BeCloud to reach its organic visibility goals. The website achieved the highest rankings for an extremely competitive industry keyword “AWS consulting services.” The company now has a revamped website that continuously brings in new clients.