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The way we do business has undergone drastic changes in the last few years. Digital marketing has become increasingly competitive, and to stay on top, we have to keep with those changes. That is where a good SEO strategy comes in. Having a high-quality SEO service will increase the chance of people finding your business when they use search engines, such as Google. SEO marketing is complex and requires expertise that not many online businesses have. To increase revenue and decrease expenditures, many companies have seen the advantage of outsourcing their SEO needs.

What is SEO outsourcing?

Simply put, SEO outsourcing is handing the responsibility of SEO (search engine optimization) to a third party. It delegates your digital marketing strategy to an SEO expert and allows your employees to concentrate on what they do best, marketing your products or services and providing customer service. An SEO strategy is essential for online businesses, but it’s also complex and takes up a lot of time. There are different types of SEO strategies; on-page, off-page, local, just to name a few of them.

On-page SEO affects what is on your website. Once prospective customers land on your page, it can make a pleasurable experience by making it easier to navigate. HTML optimization, keyword research, content creation, and competitive analysis once customers have found your page are all part of the package of a well-designed website. Off-page SEO services affect what prospective clients see outside of your website. This aspect includes other sites recommending your services, increasing brand recognition, link building, social media optimization, and digital content marketing.

Technical SEO is a behind-the-scenes operation of SEO digital marketing. It involves knowing what gets the attention of the algorithm and how you can improve its ability to find your website. White label SEO, or private label SEO, takes it up a notch. It allows you to resell the outsourced SEO services to your customers to provide a one-provider solution without increasing your workload. You enjoy the best of both worlds, a white label SEO agency can provide you with experience and support, and you can offer those resources to your clients.

How to outsource SEO

To successfully outsource SEO is not rocket science, but it does take careful consideration. First of all, have your goals clearly in mind. Then decide which type of SEO provider fits your needs best. Your choices are:

  • An SEO company that has a team of SEO experts and concentrates only on SEO services
  • An SEO contractor or freelancer that specializes in SEO
  • A full-service marketing agency that has an SEO expert on their team

Whoever you decide to choose, the SEO outsourcing company you hire needs to have a solid reputation that uses white hat (heroes) strategies and not black hat (villains) strategies. While using shortcuts and click-bait may get you impressive short-term results, ethical advertising will provide successful marketing long term. Another detail to consider is if the company is a local SEO or overseas, also called an offshore SEO. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, it is best to focus on local traffic. Statistics show that the majority of people searching online for a business are looking for one within five miles of their home.

The first step is to find an SEO agency. A word-of-mouth reference is still powerful even in this age of technology. Ask your colleagues who they use. If you already know someone who has experience in the field and is happy with their provider, ask that person for a reference. Also, an online search will result in an extensive list of SEO companies. Check out what the tech industry says about each one that you find. Many tech review sites will provide an honest review of the best companies.

Once you narrow your choices down, visit their websites, check out their portfolios, read customer testimonials, and call the customers to personally verify their story. Then contact the agency. How quickly they respond and how they respond will tell you a lot about them. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there. Some things to watch out for: No contract required – a good contract offers you protection, it is easy to understand, and doesn’t make unrealistic promises (e.g., guaranteeing you will show up on the first page in a Google search). Unsolicited emails or social media messages should sound an alarm because an authentic SEO agency will have optimized their own website and won’t need to resort to scamming. A company that requires a long-term contract is just as iffy as a company that wants no contract, and if you’re not careful, a disreputable agency can take your website hostage.

When should You outsource SEO?

Whether or not outsourcing SEO is the optimal choice for you depends on the results you are looking for and the experience already available inside your company. Some questions that you can consider:

  • Am I struggling to find time to give adequate attention to my SEO needs?
  • Am I getting the results I want from my SEO?
  • Do I or one of my employees have the expertise necessary to properly execute SEO campaigns?
  • Do I have the time and expertise to keep my SEO up to date?
  • Which is more cost-effective, outsourcing or full in-house service?

After considering the answer to these questions, you may decide that now is the time to outsource your SEO marketing. When comparing the cost of in-house services with outsourced, you may find that outsourcing your SEO is the more economical of the two. A local SEO company will free up precious time that you now can focus on your business. A local SEO company also relieves you of the high cost of training sessions and the stress of having to stay up-to-date with the constant changes in digital marketing.

The Benefits of SEO Outsourcing

When you run an online business and handle your SEO marketing strategy yourself, it can be difficult. Even if you have an experienced staff, it can be a challenge. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing SEO work.

  • Cost – SEO outsourcing services can be a cost-effective solution to training staff, purchasing the needed tools, and payroll expenses involved with hiring an extra employee to take on the added responsibility, not to mention recruiting and hiring costs. Outsourcing SEO services means you only have to pay for services rendered and not an entire week’s salary and benefits regardless of what the employee accomplished. An SEO campaign organized by a digital marketing service is typically produced faster with better results, making it an economically sound choice.
  • Time – While it is a good idea to give your staff SEO training, it is difficult to keep up with the constantly changing developments and at the same time concentrate on your regular tasks. Another challenge is that an employee typically stays with a company for five years. Any training invested in a particular employee leaves with that person and goes to the next company, then you are stuck having to recruit and train a replacement. Outsourcing your job to a professional SEO provider gives you access to a larger, specialized staff trained in SEO without having to worry about time lost in employee turnover and training.
  • Expertise – An outsourced SEO agency can offer comprehensive SEO skills because they have a larger staff that is specially trained to offer the best SEO content. Sometimes when people are emotionally involved with the decisions and problems of the company, they miss potential solutions. An outside agency comes in with an unbiased view and can offer suggestions from a fresh perspective. SEO experts have the experience to quickly set up a marketing strategy and SEO campaigns. They can also design content, analyze results, and improve your presence on social media and via link building and content marketing. Additionally, they have the reporting tools designed to analyze the algorithm and translate that data into a plan of action.
  • What’s trending – Technology, SEO marketing tools, and algorithm procedures are being updated daily, sometimes twice a day. While the majority of updates on how Google manages algorithm doesn’t have a major impact on businesses, some do. Just keeping up with all of the new changes can be a full-time job by itself, and since search engine optimization and social media are what SEO agencies specialize in, they will take the responsibility of keeping abreast of changes, saving you time, money and stress.

Why you should outsource SEO

The pros to using an outsource SEO expert far outweigh the cons. Choosing a reputable company increases the effectiveness of your campaigns, thereby increasing revenue. It reduces the need to provide intensive (and costly) training to your team. The right SEO company has experts that understand the ins and outs of algorithm and how to use that knowledge, so you don’t have to. It saves you money because you can have fewer employees and stay focused on your business. After all, a trusted outsource SEO expert is taking care of the training for you.

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