Whether you are the head of a marketing team or a business owner, you’ve heard all about the importance of SEO. Without SEO, any promotional effort seems to be half-hearted or even useless, especially for companies that depend on their online presence more than 90% of the time.

Working out an SEO strategy may seem easy at first. But as you dig deeper into the subject, you realize that it requires more specific actions than you used to think.

These days, you can find numerous SEO tools available online. However, all of them are useless unless you have the right strategy. To achieve that, many companies opt for custom SEO services.

Each business has its own specifics. An SEO strategy for two similar companies would still have to differ. Copying, following, and going with the flow can’t bring any results with SEO. Any given company needs a unique SEO strategy. Let’s find out why.

What is a Customized SEO Strategy?

The tough part about SEO is that it doesn’t provide immediate results. It may take weeks or even months to see that the strategy is working. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that the plan is perfect for your company.

Otherwise, you may be spending time and money on useless actions, the results of which you can’t see. You can’t change the strategy midway before you get at least some information about its efficiency.

Any strategy comes with three elements:

  •         Objectives – a set of goals that stimulate certain activities
  •         Timeframe – a certain period during which goals must be achieved
  •         Analysis – a method of analyzing the progress toward achieving the goal and measuring the results of the campaign.

Marketing campaigns can’t succeed without an SEO strategy. Without one, even the toughest effort can turn into a banal waste of money. Below are the most important parts of a unique SEO strategy.

 1. Evaluation

Before drafting the strategy, a company offering custom SEO services gathers information about which products or services the marketing campaign focuses on during the execution of a strategy. The minimum time for running the strategy is three months. Some campaigns take up to six months.

The strategy focuses on products and services that need to be optimized at the moment but can be redirected to other goals later on.

Using the information about top-priority products, the SEO specialists identify the keywords to work with onsite and offsite.

2. Onsite Search Engine Optimization

Once all keywords are ready, webpages, where they’ll be placed, are either found or created. Each product/service should come with its own special page to attract organic search traffic.

All focus webpages are filled with unique content for SEO and optimized for targeted keywords. SEO specialists don’t just give advice about keyword placement, they work with internal linking, page loading tile, title tags, CTAs, and much more.

When focus pages are optimized, the experts check the entire website to see that it works in tune with the strategy. All broken links, typos, improper spacing, long paragraphs, and other structural problems are tweaked in the process.

3. Offsite Search Engine Optimization

The offsite part of the unique SEO strategy involved activities that are specific to the current campaign as well as those that work throughout the promotional effort of the company.

  •         Directory listing – putting your business out there may not improve your search engine optimization efforts directly, but it can add substantial value to the overall marketing campaign.
  •         Guest Blogging – putting your valuable content on other sources helps people notice products and services without going directly to the website. Guest posts are fertile ground for link building efforts, which make your website appear more valuable and respectable.
  •         Social media – generating traffic to your website by using social media is vital for any campaign. You can indirectly affect the popularity of your website and products/services by driving social media shares.

Link building is one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign. However, link-building methods are changing so fast, falling out of favor with Google and becoming legitimate again. That’s why companies offering custom SEO services are always focused on the latest developments in this area.

4. Analysis

While you are executing the strategy, it’s highly important to receive custom SEO reports. Only properly collected and analyzed information can give you an idea of how well the strategy is working.

Throughout the campaign, you have to measure such things as:

  •         Organic traffic received by your website as well as target pages
  •         Identified sources of organic traffic

This information can help you figure out how much traffic you manage to produce with the help of a unique SEO campaign. SEO reporting is complex and requires a special approach. If done incorrectly, it can result in unexpected expenses and a hindered campaign.

When your custom SEO strategy is ready, it’s important to maintain a special schedule for each step and ensure proper monitoring of the campaign. Companies that offer custom SEO services set up a tactical process that helps move the strategy forward.

Why Companies Need Unique SEO Strategies

The entire concept of search engine optimization implicates uniqueness. According to Google’s search quality guidelines, each web page should have a purpose. Users who rate pages put a “low quality” mark on websites that don’t seem to have value or clear purpose.

To achieve high spots on the search, it’s important for the business to give each webpage a purpose. It’s all part of an SEO strategy.

1. Defining the Marketing Message

What is the purpose of your website? Is it a place you are hoping to get money from? To achieve popularity and high conversion rates seeing your webpages as a means to get leads is not sufficient anymore.

It’s important to identify the needs and goals of your clients and make sure your website is filled with high value. Even if visitors don’t decide to buy your product or opt for your services, they should get the information they are looking for.

The focus on the client’s needs and problems should be the basis of any SEO campaign. Only by taking a unique approach to the SEO strategy, a marketing team can come up with the purpose to work with.

2. Outrunning the Competition

As the information becomes more and more available and the number of custom SEO services grows, the competition becomes tougher. People go online to find absolutely anything from new socks to a spouse. Before buying anything, customers search for reviews online. This helps companies market themselves smartly.

Such an extensive desire to search for information has forced even local businesses with decades of history and hundreds of clients take advantage of search engine optimization. Without a truly worthwhile custom SEO strategy, it’s impossible to stay ahead of the competition these days. Niche-focused SEO strategies are becoming more and more popular.

3. Defining Your Competition

An important part of any marketing strategy is to gather information about competitors. When drafting a custom SEO marketing campaign, you can use a variety of tools to see how well your competitors’ websites are doing. This can give you priceless information that helps drive your marketing campaign.

Seeing how well or how badly the competition’s campaign works can help you with your own SEO strategy. Even though evaluating your competitors is not the main part of the campaign, it’s an integral component.

Without a custom approach to SEO, it’s easy to overlook the dangers and the benefits provided by other companies and waste time repeating mistakes made by your competitors.

4. Avoiding Mistakes with Content

High-quality unique content for SEO is a powerful tool. That’s why it can be expensive. Many companies fall into the trap of opting for cheap, keyword-filled content that doesn’t fulfill their purposes. Or, worse, they opt out of content altogether. As a result, the website appears poorly designed with a couple of images and a list of services.

A custom SEO strategy involves identifying the right content for your needs and ensuring high value for the users. Knowing where to put keywords and how to make content organic is part of custom SEO services.

As we know, content is king. But it can only offer its royal properties if you use it correctly. Without the support of someone who knows how to work with the content, it’s often hard to make it efficient.

5. Following Changes and Staying on Track

Even though the strategy you draft for promotional efforts usually works for up to six months, it needs to stay flexible. The reason is the ever-changing rules of Google and other search engines.

With a custom-built SEO campaign, you can be sure you can change the approach as soon as the requirements change. Meanwhile, you are less prone to partially illegitimate methods, such as poor link building and low-quality content filling.

At the same time, your campaign can have an easy time adjusting to the needs of new clients, introducing new products and content that comes with it. 

Final Thoughts

In 2020, it’s a mistake to think that a unique SEO strategy is something a company can survive without. Such an approach holds too much importance to let it slide. Custom SEO services can help improve search optimization efforts tremendously, help stay ahead of the competition, improve conversions, drive leads, and avoid unfortunate mistakes.





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