After the recent search shake up in August and Google’s algorithm update that many in the search community members called ‘Medic Update’, in September most search tools show significant volatility. Such high level of activity on Google usually indicates yet another algorithm update.

New September Google Algorithm Update: What About Your Rankings?

There are a lot conversations and discussions on the web, with people reporting volatility in their traffic and rankings. While for some the update has bumped their rankings back to where they were pre-August 1st update, others have seen huge drops.

It is not yet clear what is the main goal of the update and what it targets, however rumor has it that Google is fixing and updating the bugs after the first roll-out in August, which is causing all these fluctuations across the websites. This is not the ‘new’ update, however the continuous work on the latest one which is causing all the activity and rankings fluctuations.

This will keep happening for a while. Keep an eye on your rankings: with such active work on Google’s end things can go either way for any website out there.

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